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IFEX – Compact Fire Fighting Cabinet (CFFC)

We are offering the IFEX- CFFC as a stan-dard version, but it can be adapted according upon customers whishes and requirements. For example: depending on the existing infra structure, a connection to an external water supply line could be realized. Do not hesitate to contact us! It is a pleasure for us to advise you.

From preliminary design with modern 3-D-CAD-systems to the delivery of an operatio-nal system inclusive professional instruction we supply highest quality approved according to the latest standards.
Accurately adaption according to the existing installation situation in the building connected with an professional assembly of high quality components.


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Dimensions (H x W x D): 1800 x 1300 x 400 mm Water provision: 80 Liters in plastic tank (PE) Press. air provision: 1 x 6 Liters/ 300 bar in steel cylinder Cylinder valve: With built in pressure gauge for provision control Hose reel: 30 meters coaxial hose; manually operated Extinguishing agent feeding pump: 230 V/ AC; 0,55 kW/ 1800 liters/ min. at 10 bar pressure Extinguishing unit: IFEX IP3 Impulse gun Operating temperature: +5°C to +40°C Closure element: Hinged door OPTIONS: Dimensions: Special size on request Water provision: Up to 120 L max. (In standard size cabinet) Extinguishing unit: IFEX CAFS Extinguishing agent additive: AFFF foaming agent with dosing pump assembly Closure lement: Roller shutter, bottom-up opening

I F E X - Compact Fire Fighting Cabinet (CFFC)