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Við getum framleitt búnað á hvaða fjórhjól sem er.

IFEX® All terrain vehicle is the quick cross-country solution for impassable areas and bad roads. The ATV, as it is used e.g. by the fire brigade in Cairo, is based on the four-wheeled Honda FourTrax Foreman Quad and carries the Impulse gun, a 50-litre water tank, the compressed air cylinder and a hose drum with 55 m of coaxial hose. The IFEX® ATV makes the firefighter completely independent of road conditions and brings him quickly and reliably to the location of the fire.




  • type: Honda Foretrax, Foreman
  • engine: 395 ccm air-cooled, single cylinder 4-stroke
  • water/ extinguishing agent: tank 50 litres
  • compressed air cylinder: 6 litres, 300 bar
  • water / air pressure: 6/ 25 bar
  • pressure regulator: 300/ 25 / 6 bar
  • min./ max. per Impulse shot: 0.25/ 1.0 litres
  • speed at the mouth: 120 m/sec
  • max. shot length: 16 metres
  • width of the beam: 3 metres
  • droplet size: 2 to 200 microns
  • hose drum: 55m coaxial

Ifex 3000 á fjórhjólum

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