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With the Dual Intruder skid, the combined power of the two connected 12 liter impulse cannons is mounted onto pickups or small sized trucks within short time. A water tank with     1,000 liter capacity provides the extinguishing agent for the impulse shots; air supply is provided by air pressure cylinders or compressor. Additionally, a further two hose reels with impulse guns are mounted on the skid thus transforming an ordinary transportation vehicle into a versatile fire fighting vehicle for rapid initial attack.


Tæknilegar upplýsingar

water/agent tank capacity

1000 liter

intruder cannon capacity

12 liter

length x height x width

2400 x 1200 x 1080 mm

air cylinder for cannons

4 x 20 liter, 200 bar

air cylinders for hose reels

4x 6 liter / 300 bar

air pressure regulator

8 x 300 / 25 bar

operating / test pressure

25 bar / 50 bar

overall weight

965.5 kg

water pump capacity

800 liter/min at 6 bar

water pump engine

2 cylinder 4 stroke - 18Hp

water pressure

5 to 8 bar

control unit

PLC Omron Sysmac

power supply to pump engine

truck batteries


12 or 24 V DC

start / stop pump

remote control panel

pan and tilt mechanism

carbon steel

recharge and release mechanism

semi automatic

recharge time

3 - 4 sec at 5 to 7 bar

valve opening and closing time

20 milliseconds

max. shot length

64 meters

width of spray 20 meters from the gun

4.5 meters

Dual intruder skid

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